Bored suburban white kid with waaay too much time on his/her hands.

Found in decadent wealthy societies where most people have more food than they need and anthropomorphize their overfed pets.

Irrelevant in developing nations or to people who have real life problems to worry about.
The animal rights activist screamed and ranted in front of Macy's while brandishing photoshopped pictures of roadkill. "See this poor little innocent animal that died for your sins in this evil leg-breaking trap!!" The homeless family across the street was unimpressed.
by Pitbull Hugger February 21, 2004
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A person, who ignores malnutrition on the rest of the planet, and tries to force his/her own view on others. Often seen protesting medical advances, clothes or food that involved animals in the process. Would rather "convert" people to his/her own beliefs than accomplish something productive in life. Often resort to drastic action for attention, because their "cause" is not important enough for normal people.
An animal rights activist may be from the groups of

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals


Animal Liberation Front
by ANILAM June 12, 2012
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Hypocritical asshole who thinks that he/she can stop the killings of "poor, innocent animals" by harming humans and being a bitch until they get their way. In other words, someone with smaller intellegence.
Because she was an animal rights activist, Emma became known to everyone as "The world's bitch".
by weirdgirl August 8, 2003
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A BBC website put it best:

The press often confuses animal activists with animal extremists.

Animal activists live their lives in an animal-friendly way and use only conventional means to promote the animal cause. These include:


Not eating animal products


Avoiding products tested on animals
Avoiding products made with leather or fur

Living in an animal friendly way

Avoiding pesticides
Avoiding products that harm the environment


Learning about animal issues
Teaching others about animal issues


Avoiding zoos and circuses


Investing only in companies with animal-friendly policies


Lobbying for pro-animal legislation
Campaigning about animal issues
Telling other people about animal issues
Writing books and articles about animal issues
The animal rights activist doesn't just talk about the issue, he/she does something about it.
by PIB1 August 22, 2009
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Terrorist who is a fanatical fascist and may be a memeber of peta, alf, elf, the humane society, or any other domestic terrorist group. These people have been in the city too long and either have brain damage or think Disney movies are real. They enjoy blowing up fur farms, fur factories, restaraunts, banks, stores, homes, etc. They see animals and humans as equal, which means they have all fallen away from God's Word, and are ignorant of Genesis 1:26. peta's elite propaganda members like to put out sexually immoral and sexist items to grab peoples attention. They also try to shock people into believing them by feeding them lies. Basicly, don't trust them or make any eye contact. They've been around animals too long and are now starting to sport animal-like behavior. Especially that ugly woman, Ingrid hitler, or whatever her name is.
"Did you hear about that arson attempt over at old man Sedgewick's fur farm?" "Yeah I heard they caught a couple of animal rights activists trying to light a match but they passed out because they were too weak from only eating vegetables."
by Rusty P Shackleford February 28, 2006
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Normally a preachy, whiny person not unlike the very religious people that wander about trying to shun the extremists of their creed while painting themselves and their crusades as moral and just even if it means committing immoral acts such as dishonesty (see definition 11).
Often found on any form of media that allows them to voice themselves no matter how ignorant, hateful or repulsive the remarks they make.
Most often they are young, white teens in well off enough backgrounds that they never had to experience a lack of necessities, thus they are often very opinionated, will blindly support anyone they feel is serving the cause and will not research beyond what they feel is right (ie when they free animals sheltered in society and leave them to die trying to survive on their own).
The more extreme of the line tend to value animal life over human, unless it's themselves, and will stoop to any level to continue their "moral" crusade. There is no compromising with them, they feel they know more than everyone else, will often tout their veganism as their evidence they know more, and will shout down or coerce others through violence (See Sea Shepherd).

the only way to deal with them is to ignore them and within a short period tend to grow tired and leave as their moral crusade tends to come and go in surges much like fads.
Normal person conversing with another; "Well I cleaned my tank and fed the fish yesterday, so they should be happy"

Opinionated animal rights activist; "You should free them, fish can't live in tanks like slaves, they live better and longer in the wild"

Extremist animal rights activist; "RAM THEM!"
by menolikey March 10, 2014
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(Let me start off by saying that I find the definitions that are listed here to be very offensive. I am a vegan and a supporter of animal rights. I am also very active in human rights, peace and social justice activism. It is a fundamental misinterpretation to say that people who believe in animal rights hate people. For the most part, animal rights activists are very concerned about issues related to cruelty towards humans as well as non-humans.)

An animal rights activist is someone who cares deeply about the fundamental rights of other living beings, believing strongly that no animal, human or non-human, deserves to suffer. A core belief of the animal rights movement is that sentient beings have the right to live a life free from cruelty and exploitation. Animal rights activists do not seek to create a world where non-human animals are treated better than humans, rather a world where no sentient being, including humans, has to suffer. Many animal rights activists are also active in other communities such as human rights activism, social justice activism, civil rights activism, peace activism, etc.

Animal rights activists seek to reduce or relieve the cruelty inflicted upon other sentient beings.
The animal rights activists held a peaceful protest outside the corporate HQ of a company that conducts cruel and uneccessary animal tests.
by Meredith October 20, 2004
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