(IRANIAN HISTORY) alternative spelling of Muhammad Mossadegh, democratically elected prime minister of Iran (1951-1953).
Because Iranian names are spelled with a modified version of the Arabic alphabet, there is some controversy over how to spell names like "Muhammad Mussadegh." Sometimes, for example, his name is spelled "Mohammed Mossadegh."

Muhammed Mussadegh struggled all his life to free Iran from colonial rule.
by Primus Intra Pares July 17, 2010
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A boy who is amazing in every way - attractive, intelligent, kind, plays the guitar! Has a great smile and an extraordinary laugh. One who makes ridiculously random silly jokes and remembers the little details about you. He is sunsets, stars and city lights. He is love behind brown eyes.
"That boy is hot!"
"Obviously, he's Muhammad-Ameen."
by pooky-bear January 30, 2018
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Muhammad Aidil is the most handsome person ever alive.Not only he is handsome ,he is also tall, strong ,rich and kind.All men envy Muhammad Aidil.
OMG thats Muhammad Aidil! He is so handsome.Not only he is handsome, he is also smart, kind , rich , brave and strong. I heard he already have 6 girlfriend . I dont mind being the 7th.
by Ninja gen July 13, 2021
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Muhammad Anas Is the Most Beautiful Person in the World! He is Just the Best person in His Class And School He Usually Use The app Called "Discord" He Chats with his Friends, He is the Cute Person In the World! He is comfortable with hugs and Other He is usually a Sleepy boy! Love you, Anas!
"My name is Muhammad Anas" "Oh How was your Day Muhammad Anas?"
by Smiley.#2466 December 12, 2021
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A generally small and very rare intoxicated person who likes to enslave little children to call him ‘Daddy’.

This person is run with rage, no one has ever survived and come outside without getting scratches all over your body.

This person is very weak however uses his power of nails and his sharpness to gain advantage in a head on fight.
Call me Muhammad Master, kids.....
by Doctor Dickter May 22, 2019
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Founder of the Muslim faith and known to Muslims as the final Prophet after Jesus (PBUH). Muhammad preached the oneness of God and was known to be a "mercy to mankind". Muhammad's purpose was to not only spread the oneness of God, but also to perfect the manners of the human being. Muslims say "peace be upon him", or type "PBUH", after his name out of respect.

Because of Islamophobia, many Westerners have strong misconceptions about Muhammad without even attempting to learn about who he was. Muhammad was deemed #1 in Michael H. Hart's book, "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History."
Muslim's don't worship Muhammad (PBUH), but they try to follow in his footsteps to the best of their ability.
by Peaceman 101 August 28, 2010
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A hand in any type of Poker game i.e. Texas Hold'em. The hand consists of 4 cards of any suit in a row compared to 5 cards in a row that comprises a normal straight. Similarly, 4 cards in a row of the same suit is referred to as a Muhammad Straight Flush and when applicable, a Muhammad Royal Flush.
Danny - "Ok, flip them."
Muhammad - "I have a straight."
Mike - "Well, that beats my two pair... wait you only have 4 in a row"
Danny - "Haha. That's a Muhammad straight."
Muhammad - "FUCK!"
by Daaanny-booooy February 12, 2011
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