Peace be Upon Him. He is a Messenger of Allah who treats women, children and old folks equally, helps the poor, has good mannerism, and doesn't believe in violence. Contrary to the Western media, Muhammad pbuh is not a paedophile and barbaric. He rejects materialism and the first animal rights activist.
1) Muhammad is a peace-lover. “Let us go to resolve the situation and make peace between them.” (Bukhari)
2)Muhammad treats women kindly. “Whoever (brings up) two girls till they come of age, will be in the next world along with me, like my two fingers joining each other.” (Abu Dawud)
by islammeanspeace November 29, 2017
A palestinian, kuwaiti, bahraini, afghani, morrocan, lebani, algerian, iraqi, turki, qatari, saudi, syrian, tunisian, yemeni or emirati. That likes to get a boner when he beats someone in arabic class and sits next to the smartest person in the class with an IQ above 6473829. He normally tries to convinve you that he isn't an arab but ultimatley fails, and then you know the true reason to why he can speak arabic so well. It is a also a fact that when he breaks a bone he will act tough to show that it was just a scratch, but on the inisde is suffering from the physical trauma and emotional pain he had from the injury and from his life.
DAMMMNNN! that guy is actin' tough, he is definitley a Muhammad
by Def.not.moods :D November 22, 2022
A cool guy that lived in the Medieval era. He was born in Mecca and died in Medina. Sadly, his reputation has gone very down because of some of his fanclubs in the Middle East.
Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah
by Sususs Amongus July 2, 2021
Another Spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc. Muhammad is the Name of The Final Prophet of God, according to Islam.
"Hey mate, Muhammad is another spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc.
by James Abdullah June 4, 2006
Is an Arabic name, the last prophet in Islam . His qualities are benign thankfulness . Wise , compassionate, clear
Muhammad so generous And kind always with right thing
by Shekah April 26, 2019
The coolest guy alive he’s op and gets all the ladies no 1 can stop him he’s all the way up
Yo that guy is siiiiickk he’s probably a muhammad
by Mahmood official September 12, 2019
Muhammad is a guy who is kind and loving. Muhammad always makes someone happy when they are sad. He always has his friends back. Your lucky if your Muhammad.
Muhammad’s are the cutest and most loving boys you will ever meet! If you get a Muhammad, keep him! If his your best friend, he’ll tease you a lot! If he’s your significant other he’ll treat you right like if his life depended on it!
I’m so glad I have a Muhammad!
Muhammad is one of the nicest man ever.
by Muhammad Tahir February 6, 2020