A cool guy that lived in the Medieval era. He was born in Mecca and died in Medina. Sadly, his reputation has gone very down because of some of his fanclubs in the Middle East.
Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah
by Sususs Amongus July 2, 2021
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Is an Arabic name, the last prophet in Islam . His qualities are benign thankfulness . Wise , compassionate, clear
Muhammad so generous And kind always with right thing
by Shekah April 26, 2019
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Another Spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc. Muhammad is the Name of The Final Prophet of God, according to Islam.
"Hey mate, Muhammad is another spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc.
by James Abdullah June 4, 2006
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The coolest guy alive he’s op and gets all the ladies no 1 can stop him he’s all the way up
Yo that guy is siiiiickk he’s probably a muhammad
by Mahmood official September 12, 2019
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Muhammad is a guy who is kind and loving. Muhammad always makes someone happy when they are sad. He always has his friends back. Your lucky if your Muhammad.
Muhammad’s are the cutest and most loving boys you will ever meet! If you get a Muhammad, keep him! If his your best friend, he’ll tease you a lot! If he’s your significant other he’ll treat you right like if his life depended on it!
I’m so glad I have a Muhammad!
Muhammad is one of the nicest man ever.
by Muhammad Tahir February 6, 2020
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a very smart guy although he doesn't show it.also very handsome and cool.he's also very friendly although keeps to himself much.He's a shy guy and lastly a silent killer.he also knows much about people but doesn't say much.
teacher:how do u want people to recognise you in a society?
student:i want to be known as Muhammad.
by Mk 66 February 6, 2020
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