(VERB) To complete any particular action in a superlative, boss, or baller like status. It can also be known to be an exclamation urging members in a group to specifically pursue objects, including but not limited to: loose women, money, championship rings, and alcohol. Originating from Philadelphia, this phrase has picked up considerable usage in the Mid Atlantic region.
Heroes get remembered but legends never die... Let us go
by Reorgia man March 1, 2011
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before you deny this. i took over an hour to create it and it is actually not that bad of a a game

let's go lower
a game played within a boy and girl.

girl wears a blind fold

she then puts her hand on the boys shoulder

the boy then says higher or lower

this will determine the direction of the way the girl slides her hand.

depending on the age there is a time limit

if the boy gets a boner then the girl wins the game

if the boy doesnt get the girls hand lower then his waist he loses the game

if the girl doesnt do what the guy says then the boy wins.
" suzy put on this blind fold and lets play "let us go lower"
by liveing 4n erver May 30, 2013
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