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a) to be outsmarted, financially, by a partner - generally in business - so as to result in a huge gain for one and huge loss for another

b) to get outmanouvered in a business partnership where one gives his time, toil and/or treasure and the other uses it to his advantage, without necessarily rewarding the 'partner'
Eduardo Savarin got zuckered by Mark Zuckerman in The Social Network with the result Eduardo got back his investment in Facebook - US$ 19,000! The rest, as they say, is history!

Watch The Social Network - fabulous movie of the 'technology age'.
by IGotZuckered November 11, 2010
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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when a villager will not leave your island because they like it too much
melissa: "Man Jeremiah won't leave me island! He's been trolling me everyday."

ryan: "LOL you got zuckered!"
by xMrSleepyx May 16, 2020
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To be coaxed into doing something for fake benefits.
A: Man, I don't even know why I joined Facebook. All I got was a few likes and 1000 fake friends!
B: Sounds like you got zuckered.

A: I was zuckered to buy these minors alcohol.
by fsaleh August 01, 2011
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Named after the character Andrea Zuckerman in the show Beverly Hills 90210, getting Zuckered is a reference to a demotion among a group of friends to a level reflecting her low social status on the show. One who has been Zuckered is rendered to the level of friend people put up with in large social settings, but generally try to avoid bringing out to smaller more intimate gatherings.

If your friends don't invite you to the "cool" gatherings, you've been Zuckered. If you are made fun of constantly behind your back, you've been Zuckered. If people suspect you have some no-chance crush on another member of the group, you've been Zuckered.

It can also be identified by the collective low groan exhibited by the group when a Zuckered person arrives.

The irony of one who has been Zuckered, is they typically have no clue it has happened and try to act as a normal member of the group. Once one has been Zuckered, it is best to move on to friends of even lower social status, hobos, criminals, Walmart employees, to attempt to re-establish social hierarchy.
Kelly just confessed her love to Brandon who promptly Zuckered her.
by DrSmooth February 11, 2010
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When a forum admin promises to stop trolls from picking on said member who is being picked on but then decides not to and bans them for no good reason other than 'screw it, you were rude to me' so any posts about them stay up even after they promised to close that thread down, and then screwing them over by having the blame be put on them instead of the troll that's picking on them - promising to remove a forum post about you and then deciding to put it back and allow it to run past more than 100+ pages.
Brian totally Zuckered TaynaBladex on the forum last night.
by MM132 March 15, 2016
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