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To shoot and land a roofie like object into a girls cup from a distance
Yo Corsi, think I can Zucker that cup from across the kitchen?
by Cosby thiugh January 27, 2016
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A person who uses Facebook too often
Steve, who has hidden browser tabs open to Facebook all of the time during work, is a real Zucker.

Factoid: Zucker, as a noun, can be modified in many ways:
"motherZucker": the mother of all Zuckers;

"Zuckerdoodle": a dog with its own Facebook page;

"Zuckface": a person who uploads umpteen selfies per day and/or changes their Facebook profile photo every day/hour/minute/second.
by AMPhotoMan December 12, 2013
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a really dumb fuckin move. Like somene shit themselves.
Gay ass 1: what the fuck he do man?

Gay ass 2: no man he just did a Zucker.
by Mattmanjr November 07, 2007
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For a person or persons of authority to take away something which was rightfully earned by another party. From Jeff Zucker of NBC concerning late night television.
I've worked here long enough to earn vacation time, but my boss just zuckered it away from me.
by thesilverfox06 January 18, 2010
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Someone who thinks they have privacy on facebook.
A friend of mine posted a facebook status about his boss, and now he's lost his job. What a zucker.
by wackojacko1138 June 14, 2010
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