Brilliant, generation-defining film which tells the story of how the popular networking site Facebook was created. David Fincher's direction along with the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin's words in the mouths of young actors(namely Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake) giving incredible performances makes for one of the best films of all time. Just brilliant.
Guy No.1-"Hey, did you see that facebook movie?"
Guy No.2-"The Social Network? Yeah, it was awesome."
by Blue_Angel93 February 25, 2011
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A recent(2010) movie about the creation of social network site, Facebook. It stars a bunch of ringlet-headed, self-conscious, snappy, socially-awkward characters, such as Mark Zuckerburg and Sean Parker and focuses around the constant situations of both being jerks, being pansies, and pissing each other off on multiple occasions.
Pat:"Did you see The Social Network this weekend?"
Tre:" Nah, man. Justin Timberlake and some freaky white-ass kid in a bathrobe having orgies in a doom room? No thanks."
by LuLuBee November 7, 2010
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Sites that make stalking effortless
*creeping on the person your obsessed w/ using social networks*
by laurenco July 3, 2014
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A collection of websites that allow people to join networks that allow them to
1) Socialise with people who have similar tastes
or 2) Allow them to stalk the girl next door

Some examples of these sites include MySpace, Facebook and Bebo, each of which attract their own clique of people.

MySpace attracts musicians, emos, and stalkers

Bebo attracts children pretending to be adults, Irish college students, and stalkers

Facebook attracts people who have nothing better to do with their time, namely stalkers
Man from early 21st century: I really need a new way of stalking...

Tom Anderson: MySpace!

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook!

Michael Birch: Bebo!

Random Internet Guy: Insert Social Networking Site Here!
by The_Madjackal March 2, 2009
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a place where people hide behind a screen sharing things they did only to post it on online to get likes, comments, followers, ect.
Social networking is the down fall of our world.
by sw1mm1n January 18, 2015
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(n.) A website that generally stopped the use of email. These websites rarely load, due to a constant server overload. They also ruined literacy of children by introducing the acronym.

(v.) When a person prefers to talk to their "friends" online instead of in person. Generally used by nerds who enjoy insulting others and not having the balls to insult them to their face. When this is used, that person is generally anonymous, due to the risk of being seen in public (which they really don't have to worry about, because they're always sitting in front of a computer). Social networking is also used by stalkers, due to the ability to appear as someone you are not. This tactic is also used by people who love hearing "omg ur soo hot lolol" and use a google picture, saying it is them.
by kjfnksnvmv,s November 24, 2009
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Generally a website (ex: facebook, myspace) where people can add "friends", (generally people they may see once a day and never communicate with in person, or close friends they actually do associate with) and communicate with them through multiple ways such as leaving comments on posted pictures or blogs, or perhaps sending them a message they can read when they sign into the site at a later time.
Guy 1: I just joined a social networking site! It pwns!

Guy 2: Yeah right, social networking is the gayest thing to happen to Earth since reality tv.
by rick bender July 21, 2008
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