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The phrase was Created in 2007 By the developer and programer of informative website;

Zuckerberg/FB; The biggest data collector of them all, Facebook, is not some benign social media company. Facebook is planning on the Singularity (advanced AI).
Zuckerberg says he is not afraid of AI.

Why would he be afraid of AI if he's controlling it? Please refer website Here you will let into a small sample of the invasion to all your personal information and data released and sold to Employers, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, Google, Amazon the list is endless. The webpage is proven factual information on DANGERS of FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg. Americans and everyone worldwide have no clue to the dangers being collected, STORED and sold by ZUCK.

It's time to fight back.


What the Zuck, Zuck is profiting in a huge Zucking way on individuals sharing information to family and friends on ZuckBook. Why The Zuck this is being allowed by everyone. Zuck is Zucking everyone who has an account on ZuckBook. What the Zuck Dont Zucking think you can delete your account either, What The Zuck you Zucking cant.
What the Zuck is used in negative form replacing any word you choose. Zuck or What the Zuck is reference made without saying an explicit word to offend others. Zuck that.
by Zuckit January 04, 2018
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An exclamation made when Facebook fails to load correctly or introduces new and unnecessary additions to the News Feed.
After logging onto Facebook, John expected to see his friend's status updates. Instead, his News Feed was clogged with answered questions from the new "questions" app.

"What the Zuck?!?" John screamed. He then proceeded to throw his computer out the window.
by medicalert April 27, 2011
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A term used when Facebook won't work properly, named after Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.
Man: Dude I'm locked out of my Facebook

Dude: What the Zuck Man?
by Idkyduc March 23, 2017
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