A person that isn’t smart; not unlike the “village idiot
“My dad said Davis Mills is better than Justin Fields. He’s a certified villager”
by butchcoolidge December 4, 2022
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People who lives in small towns
Kat is a villager.
by KellyTheGamer98 March 2, 2017
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A poor needy person that needs charity. A villager is any dirty poor person in your town that makes you cringe and makes your heart bleeds for them.

The appearance of a villager will usually be mangy, dirty, scummy, whatever you'd like to call it.

Some villagers may try to do themselves up with thier second hand clothes but they arent fooling anyone..
You can still tell they're a villager.
that villager's dad dosen't work and the whole family smells garbage.
by buckethead93 April 24, 2010
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To defeat, demoralize, and destroy the opposition in a Sporting arena. Traditionally Village league Cricket.

Thats some mighty fine Villaging going on there
Top Villaging, (insert name)
Well Villaged
by Stirling October 14, 2007
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A Villager is someone that is unsophisticated, expresses few manors, steals food from others when a buffet is around the corner. A Villager is goofy, odd, a purple cow in the field of black and white cows. They make good friends all in all.
That Villager stole my banana!
by Real_NoobToob May 4, 2020
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Minecraft people who make a pretty weird noise and likes to trade with you.
The Villager bought a car.
by idkburgers May 25, 2019
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