Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard-like species from the celestial body MU69. He is the king of Fakebook and aims to take over the world by mining the data of the population, preferably middle aged soccer moms. He will brainwash them with fake news to overthrow the government in a coup to him in power. If you ever see someone with knees on the back of their legs, that’s Mark Zuckerberg in disguise, taking on a humanoid form to secretly destroy the world as we know it.
WTF Mark Zuckerberg is a fuckin lizard.
by Oldhickorycwock April 21, 2019
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The act of screwing your best pal over something that could making money for the both og you but choosing to screw him over instead. Can be used in multiple contexts such as screwing over ones family or anyone with some sort of relation to the person carrying out this heinous act.
"Bob and Joe both invented the latest battery technology in their college but Joe Mark Zuckerberged Bob and made millions off their invention."
by Lifeistough February 12, 2016
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The man who created Facebook. This man and his associates and employees took info of users and he was exposed in 2018.
Personal info: *exists*

Mark Zuckerberg: Its free real estate!
by MOIST_SOCKS1104 April 23, 2018
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A Retarded Large Tall Lizard Man That Drinks Too Much Water In His Meetings
Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard!
by Your Boi The Smart One November 7, 2018
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1) "Creator" of Facebook, whether or not he has actually "created" Facebook is a highly debated topic. He is also the world's youngest billionaire.

2) A nickname conferred upon anyone who is idolized and admired for accomplishing the most unproductive things one can ever imagine. The feat accomplished may be amusing, but its benefit to society and economy = 0, sometimes, even negative.

Guy D: Dude I just logged in my FB account because I needed to change my status to LOGGING IN.....

Guy I: You just made Mark Zuckerberg richer by $1.50....... plus the CIA & Department of Homeland Security knows you're using the computer "dumb fucker"!!!!!


2) GUY D: OMG home skillet that Jack Henderson just got 32 accolades for creating an electric flatulence vacuum sucker , supposedly it repels the fart out the anal rectum at MACH 2.4 !!! DAAAAAMN MAN!!!!

GUY I: He so Mark Zuckerberged that shit dawg!

GUY X : He's going to create JOBS! FOR US! YAY!

GUY I: He'll outsource 'em to China and India fool!!

by Capitalist-DI666-Inaganti December 10, 2010
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to royally screw over a friend in a business transaction

to royally screw over anything in general
After my friend, Joe, and I start a successful marijuana dispensary franchise, I am going to Mark Zuckerberg his ass.

You can't Zuckerberg a Zuckerberger.

This weather has been Mark Zuckerberg'ed.
by dr man heguy February 22, 2011
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