Founder of Meta, also known as Facebook. He is also used in lots of memes.
Me: Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Friend: Umm is he the guy who is from the meme? Me: *Slaps my head*
by I like boiled potatoes January 1, 2022
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Person 1: Who's Mark Zuckerberg?
Person 2: The creator of Facebook
Person 1: the what?
Person 2: the dude who made the site
Person 1: oh, like Tom on MySpace
Person 2: yea, and Jack Dorsey on Twitter
by applealex March 18, 2010
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A real human

Mark Zuckerberg is a very real fellow human such as myself.
“Hi I am Mark Zuckerberg and I am a real human just watch me drink this water like a real human man”
by Mrs.Beast.FFZ November 5, 2021
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Na mumu him be
Him no get sense ,him no wise, him dey craze like mad
Na everytime him just they block human being account
by By josheey November 25, 2021
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1) "Creator" of Facebook, whether or not he has actually "created" Facebook is a highly debated topic. He is also the world's youngest billionaire.

2) A nickname conferred upon anyone who is idolized and admired for accomplishing the most unproductive things one can ever imagine. The feat accomplished may be amusing, but its benefit to society and economy = 0, sometimes, even negative.

Guy D: Dude I just logged in my FB account because I needed to change my status to LOGGING IN.....

Guy I: You just made Mark Zuckerberg richer by $1.50....... plus the CIA & Department of Homeland Security knows you're using the computer "dumb fucker"!!!!!


2) GUY D: OMG home skillet that Jack Henderson just got 32 accolades for creating an electric flatulence vacuum sucker , supposedly it repels the fart out the anal rectum at MACH 2.4 !!! DAAAAAMN MAN!!!!

GUY I: He so Mark Zuckerberged that shit dawg!

GUY X : He's going to create JOBS! FOR US! YAY!

GUY I: He'll outsource 'em to China and India fool!!

by Capitalist-DI666-Inaganti December 10, 2010
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