The lever(s) on a chair used to adjust height, angle, etc.
Marybeth dreamed of breaking all the zellers in the room, forever cementing each office chair with her personal height & lumbar preference.
by Annexander February 24, 2021
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Doing the exact opposite of what is expected of you in a crucial situation. Don't "pull a Zeller." That was "Zellerific!"
UNC basketball player Tyler Zeller's performance against Duke in the final two minutes of the February 8th, 2012 game in which he inadvertently scored a field goal for the Blue Devils and then gave Duke guard Austin Rivers a virtually uncontested three point goal to win the game.
by Wiley2112 February 9, 2012
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To become so intoxicated that the bouncer throws you out of a club or bar.
Did you hear? Dan got Zellered from the club last night!
by BroRad August 4, 2014
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The GHETTO of all retailers in Canada.
I went shopping at Zellers today and thought I was going to get mugged.
by Lays Chips April 10, 2010
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It was the best store. If you disagree with me you are wrong, and you will always be wrong about everything, and nobody will want your input anymore because you are wrong all the time.
Alan: "I loved Zellers."
Josh: "I hated Zellers."
Will: "Josh whats 9+10?"
Josh: "21"
Will: "you stupid"
by sillygoose42069 July 26, 2021
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Canada's bootleg version of Wal-Mart, only trashier.
Wal-mart is closed today, so I guess I'll have to go to Zellers.
by notstella August 19, 2008
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When there is a clear choice in doing something a proper way, but for some unknown reason you are doing it another way. A way that will take 3x more effort, 3x the time, and cause 3x more problems down the road.
Man #1 "Man I had to write a report. I could have used a computer but instead i wrote it all out."
Man#2 "Wow you Zellers'd that!"

Man#1 "Yeah i got my car fixed. Went to Canadian Tire to get it done."
Man #2 "Wow you Zellers'd that!"
by J_Mich November 29, 2007
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