When you try to act cool and doing something rad , but instead you look like an idiot and you get ragged. Bit like get REKT
Grace just went tried to walk like she was a boss ass bitch but instead she tripped and fell bless her then you say "HAHAHAHAH GET MUGGED"
by Curwizzle964 May 11, 2016
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Having someone masturbate you with one hand, then catching the jizz in a mug that they are holding with the other.
"I met an interesting girl/boy last night. Gave me a right good old mugging off."
"I was down at Whatever Bar this weekend. The number of people who were looking to get mugged off was surprisingly low" / "Really? There must be a mug shortage in town".

"Had a disappointing evening. Got mugged off with a flimsy plastic cup." / "Well, ceramics is a dying art."
by autodefa June 12, 2015
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Something Really Shitty At The End Of The Defenition, I Feel Stupid By Looking At This.
"Get A Mug"

You: B R U H
by Vanx_The_Bunny_Boy January 26, 2021
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An ad the urban dictionary sight u r looking at puts at the end and u can put what every word u r searching up on it
And I bet it will be on this is one
The Get-a-____-mug is getting annoying
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to get a mug means to hit a kill in a game.
player1:yo! this game is awesome!
player2:ye bro. did u get a mug already?
by kawaii._.GURL:3 August 12, 2018
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