A way of saying "you leaving"
You: yo my mom said we leaving
Marcus: you out?
You: yeah bro
Marcus ight bet

*proceeds to dap you up*
by ay bruh October 23, 2016
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The response to someone who says or does something stupid, unnecessary, or wrong.
Person1: what's 1+1?
Person2: 3?
Person1: YOU OUT
by Xx-Dave-xX January 15, 2008
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To Fuck hard and NASTY. Hair pulling, ass clapping. Beating the pussy as you talk nasty In their ear before you pull out and nut all over the face. Treating them like a Queen but pounding them until their damn near screaming. Can be passionate and slow or straight to poundtown. Nastiest sex you could ever have.
by Mikemike2303 January 13, 2021
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To treat a sexual partner like a slut/trash. To be quite rough with a sexual partner, but not too rough to the point of unbearable pain.
Miguel said he wants to put his fingers in your mouth while he's fucking you, he wants to slut you out.
by Alfred'sSlut March 8, 2017
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To mess over someone, (originated in Louisiana)
If you don’t text me back by tomorrow, ima raw you out.
by hotboyjay December 7, 2018
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to knock someone out, beat them up, rock them, drop their dome, or bang them out one punch
i will bang you out
by j-rob mad fresh May 9, 2010
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verb To sort out means to resolve some unfinished business or problem with someone or something.
bentley's gonna sort you out!
by rich rick December 30, 2010
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