1. A simple machine consisting of a rigid bar pivoted on a fixed point and used to transmit force, as in raising or moving a weight at one end by pushing down on the other.

2. A projecting handle used to adjust or operate a mechanism.

3. A ceremony at the French Court at which the King or Queen was attended by favoured courtiers and attendants, while getting out of bed and ready for the day.

4. A means of accomplishing; a tool: used friendship as a lever to obtain advancement.
I pulled the lever with all my strength, and turned the machine off.
by James Howards February 23, 2004
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A machine used to apply a lot of force to an object with very little effort by the catalyst.
i used a lever to to lift the fat guy from his computer chair
by phextwin February 20, 2004
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When I took a bath, I used some Lever.
by Nunya Business February 25, 2004
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translates as "nevermind"
"I cant believe you just did that..."
"pssst lever .. just forget about it"
by kevin mccaffrey February 18, 2004
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I think it's, like, a thingy you push one side of and the other side goes up, and stuff.
It's named after Mike Lever, its inventor.
by KingTT February 20, 2004
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a lever is normally a piece of metal with a handle on the end that you pull. For example a gearstick is a type of lever.
"Ahhhh, we're stuck in a crahed train! Quick, pull the escape lever!"
by Rosanna February 24, 2004
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