An abreviation for Zero tolerance.

Often used in rap for it's easily rhymable "tea" ending.

Also happens to be the alias of one badass animator ;)
"Yo, I got ZT for the po-lease. Gotta chill with my homies, huffin on the cold-eze."
by ZT May 11, 2005
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to love baby dick usually one's own
I spam urban dictionary with delusions of one's phallus size. Since ZT 0599 has an underdeveloped phallus it's obviously paedophillia, too
by ZT 0599 June 15, 2013
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When a girl performs 30 second of oral sex on a guy and then stops. the guy then terminates hooking up with the girl and proceeds to jerk himself off while she is in the room.
"Man did you hear what Alex did to Linda"
"Yeah, I heard he gave her the Dirty Zt, how awkward for Linda!"
by Honest Do-gooder September 27, 2009
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He is that big lad who likes to make dick jokes and used to be tier 69 in Fortnite.
Me: "oh did you meet ZT yet?"
My friend: "yes. he cracked me up with some funny dick jokes the other day!"
by Four C. February 13, 2021
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