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To be a total uncoordinated, clumsy tool.
Chalm: Hey, why are all these beer bottles broken?

Damo: I quaded while coming up the stairs.
by Van Def May 16, 2005
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When a hairy guy shaves his upper arms right below the cuff of a short-sleaved shirt. When the shirt is removed, his hair resembles a hair shirt.
'You're swimming with your shirt on?'

'That's my hair shirt asshole!'
by Van Def May 16, 2005
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A measure of exaggeration used to express a point
Can be shortened to just 'like ten'

Last know usage was Sudbury, Canada.
I was up all night and today I'm yawning like ten bear.

Jim: Hey, did you get drunk last night?
Joe: Yeah, like ten.
by Van Def May 13, 2005
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Toronto Boy. Usually involves gel based hairdos and seemingly expensive clothes including leather (or pleather) jackets. Often seen outside clubs downtown with groups of other TBs dressed identical.
"The sidewalk outside your building was super packed with TBs waiting to get into that club."
by Van Def May 16, 2005
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In movies when someone is badly hurt or close to death and they hit the ground and convulse or seizure. The best bacon out is usually the result of a virus or disease and often accompanied by foaming at the mouth.
My favorite part in Terminator 2 was when that guy who invented the cybernetic hand was baconing out after being shot and was still able to detonate the bombs.
by Van Def June 27, 2005
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To be unnecessarily proud about something. Usually accompanied by a big stupid smile, sometimes called an 'extend'a smile' often seen on Dennis Quaid's face during ghey movies.
Chalm: I just killed you at poker.
Damo: Don't be so quaid asshole.
by Van Def May 19, 2005
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