A phrase used to inquire about something. Similar to 'I was wondering'
Josh: Would you have maybe a couple bucks for gas by chance?
Me: No I don't man
by J-man19 August 24, 2009
Is the best guy you’ll ever come across. He will make you fall in love with him with his goofy attitude. He will love you for all you are. This is a guy you should wanna spend the rest of you life with. He will care for you and make you happy and will keep bugging you when you are upset. He’s a kind hearted guy who deserves the best. If you ever find a chance you will be lucky if you can call him your boyfriend. He’s funny caring hot sweet gives good kisses and will always be there for you.
Chance is a great guy.
by Jane doe🥺 February 10, 2020
Often used by famous CIS Soccer Prodigy Kerman Pannu to deflate the opportunity to do something that is not appealing
Me: Hey Kerman wanna go watch a movie?
by mrdeol September 14, 2017
a Filipino slang word for secretly peeking, or slyly touching restricted body parts. It means that you use a "chance" to do the deed. Usually done on a friendly manner that makes it less offensive.
friends hugging
Girl: dude, did you touch my boobs?
Boy: no, must've by accident.
Girl: you're chancing me
Boy: not at all, (he was totally was)
by sore-eyes March 26, 2010
No Chance; A word or expression derived from the St. Andrews vocabulary, meaning to state that in an opinionated manner, there is absolutely no possibility of an event taking place, depending on what subject is being discussed. Once the expression "No Chance" is said, commonly, little or nothing can be said in return. This word is sometimes nick-named, the word to end all words.
John states amongst a group of teenage friends, "Hey guys, do you think I can get with this girl?" A friend replies "NO CHANCE." As a result of saying "No Chance", the group would normally begin to laugh at John, making him feel like a "Jerk" for even thinking of asking such a question, and therefore would not even consider making a counter-statement fearing that a similar outcome will persist. This is why "No Chance" is nick-named the word to end all words. Some victims may try to counter the statement by saying "Chance" or "Yes Chance", but they are simply not as humorous as the original outgoing statement "No Chance". Also, "Yes Chance" simply does not make sense at all anyways.
by Pylon February 5, 2008
The most amazing person you will ever meet. He's everything a girl could wish for. He has a ton of energy and is crazy around his friends. But he has a sincere, loving side as well. His sexy looks and fine body also attract the ladies. He has a great sense of humor and always makes other people laugh. A Chance is a sweet, honest person that you should hold dearly forever.
That girl sure is lucky to be dating Chance!
by lover214 May 23, 2011
is a loving friend anyone can have. he is so caring for his siblings. love all the people around him no matter what, he is always their for you even when he been hurt
sara: is that chance he is so loving

brady: ya , he is so nice to everyone
by singlebabygirl May 10, 2018