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A woman/girl with very small or no breasts. Usually seen as a curse but some people like the lack of boobs.
Jay: YO MAN that bitch be flat chested
Carol: Damn that's so fucking hot
by Kona-Chan December 20, 2015
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some one who is a part of the "ITTY BITTY TITTY COMITTIY"
in other words, very small breasts.
god, that bitch is flat chested.
by Josh O August 18, 2004
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the name for a person with a very flat chest. usually very offending to most girls who have no boobs.
A: ew. look at that tiffany girls myspace picture.
B: i know. no one wannts to see her in a bathing suit.
A: and shes pressing her arms together ro make it look like she has boobs.
A: she is so flatchested.
by Alexa H August 24, 2006
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A girl with no boobs. It’s pretty bad when her ribcage sticks out farther than her boobs.
Mackenzie is REALLY flat chested man. #notits
by basicbitchxo August 25, 2019
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