An extremely tiny penis that is no more than 2 inches or so.
When Ryan's pants fell down, we all saw he wasn't wearing underwear. So Jordan pulled out a magnifying glass and held it to his teeny tiny hairless baby dick as we all laughed outrageously!
by super hot Sarah May 17, 2010
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Undeveloped genitalia which is indicative of a prepubescent male baby.
Aidan: Man i cant find a condom that fits my dick!
Andy: Thats because they dont make condoms for baby dicks.
by aitkaj08 May 17, 2008
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If the last time you saw one that size; you had a diaper in one hand & rash cream in the other...he's gotta baby-dick.
Shane has a baby-dick...I have literally seen more wiggling on a 3yr old.
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