A YouTube blogger who decides to make videos to upload to the Google form of a video sharing site, youtube.com. youtube
PewDiePie is a YouTuber
by Urban__Dictionary July 13, 2015
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One who wastes time watching You Tube videos (particularly when they should be working.) Computer variant of couch potato.
"They gave that you tuber a raise!? Every time I pass his desk he's watching videos."
by namowal October 25, 2008
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Usually some geek with an inflated ego and inferiority complex, trying to prove their intellectual worth to complete strangers, whom they'll never meet, on the internet. Will often illogically accuse you of logical inconsistencies/fallacies in your arguments, or just resort to picking apart a slight typographical/grammatical error, to give themselves an inflated sense of self worth. While the majority of YouTubers are annoying asses like this, sitting on the sidelines reading page after page of two YouTubers going at each others' throats like a pack of savage dogs can be of greater entertainment value than the video above.
If you want an example of a typical YouTuber, just hop on over to YouTube, click on almost any video and read the comments below. Enjoy.
by Millsy86 October 30, 2012
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Invariably semi-literate and abusive, often racist and/or pervesely sociopathic moron.
The bus got held up by some total YouTuber yelling at the driver.
by FelixTheRat October 22, 2010
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People that are YouTube and that's their job . Very talented in DIYs , Comedy, gamers, and anything! Very talented.
"I love iisuperwomanii !"

" who is she?"

"She's a youtuber !"
by Yomodernwords January 18, 2015
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when someone did sumthing really cool or crazy or stupid and you don't have a camera all you have to say is that it's a you tuber
damn larry papini that was a you tuber moment
by swag4me August 03, 2007
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