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The most popular video-hosting site. Millions of users upload their videos on virtually any subject out there (although nudity is not allowed).

Each video can be rated and commented on, which is not a good idea at all. Most of the comments in almost ANY video consists of 12-year old kids with no spelling or grammar skills; 30+ year old pseudo-intellectuals who try to tell everyone else how they're right and the others are wrong; racists; or people who just like to pick fights for no reason. If for whatever reason you feel like losing a few brain cells and want to look at the comments, be prepared to see a lot of "noob", "faggot", "gay", "Republican/Democrat", or "nigger" being used.

Aside from the comments, Youtube used to be a decent place, until the following started happening:

1. WMG started deleting music videos and muting videos with ANY piece of audio by any of the music artists under their labels
2. Viacom sued Google, which Youtube is owned by, having them delete many videos of TV shows
3. The majority of the user base became 14-year old tween girls obsessed with Twilight and the Jonas Brothers
4. Fred became the most popular user. Seriously, that alone is reason to avoid this place like the black plague.

Now, there is almost nothing left worth watching on Youtube, except for maybe some Failblog videos, Youtube Poops, or music videos of bands NOT owned by WMG. And even these can be ruined just by looking at the comments. It can be the most non-provoking, non-violent, socially-acceptable video ever, and you'll still see someone flaming the holy hell out of someone, whether it be the author, or another commenter.
"Hmm... I want to go on Youtube. What's new?"

*sees lots of Twilight and Jonas Brothers videos*

"Whoa, not cool. Ok... I'll see the POPULAR videos!"

*sees whole lot of Fred and High School Musical videos*

"Uhh... ok... lemme just do a search for a band I like"

*sees a video, clicks it, finds out it was deleted by WMG*

"Aw fuck! ... well it's ok... I'll just search for some funny stuff now... maybe someone slipping off a diving board?"

*finds video, reads comments*

"Geez... can I find some peace ANYwhere?? Ah, I know!! I'll look at a video of a cute puppy! Surely no one will have anything bad to say there!"

*finds video, reads comments*

"WHAT??? He said he wants to kick the shit out of that dog??? How dare he?!? And then he called the author a faggot?!? That's it... I'm DONE with Youtube!! DONE!!!"
by Absolutely No One April 11, 2009
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Factory farming of successful video ideas by ordinary everyday people. You can bet any idea for a video that is fresh and new and successful will become dull, tired and over used by next month like ASMR or gaming videos, since any girl with boobs can put on a low cut top and push up bra and speak softly and get guys going.

And any eccentric gamer can act like a mental patient who hasn't taken their meds playing a PC game while moaning about their framerate can pull in lots of kiddie viewers who think they are awesome.

Also the stupid clickbait list videos, example: 1o reasons why you shouldn't flush the toilet after you take a shit or 10 reasons why you have been jacking off wrong all your life or 25 people who were famously caught having sex in a phone box.

What happens when morons are allowed access to public TV with a potential audience of millions and become millionaires themselves because of it.

If thats' not enough retardedness for you, there's also a comments section on every video where you can have the same shitty arguments about politics and religion that have been going since the dawn of the Internet and insult or be insulted by those who don't agree with you. You can make the most retarded statement ever and if anyone disagrees with you just yell "Freedom of Speech mutha fucka!!"
If you watch videos on Youtube, you are a fucking tube.
by Goth Doll June 29, 2016
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The world's largest video website, infested by 13 year old girls who are obsessed with Edward Cullen and the Jonas Brothers, random racists and people who have nothing better to do other than post offensive comments to piss people off, and religious fanatics who are convinced that they can convert the aforementioned adolescent fangirls and morons. A minority among the Youtube community is the normal honest people who just want to listen to music and see some funny videos without seeing a bunch of morons arguing about Twilight and Christianity.
I went on Youtube to listen to music. In the middle of the song, I checked out the comments and found a bunch of illiterate morons arguing about nothing in particular.
by mockingbyrd1313 February 22, 2009
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A website that is renovated every other day.
Josh: Hey man, have you ever been on YouTube?
Louis: Yeah, isn't that the website that changes itself every fucking day and forces you to sign up for Google+?
by SlutVista February 28, 2014
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A video sharing website. It was bought by Google in 2006, where it went quickly downhill.

There is almost no free speech in Youtube, they force you into things you don't want, you get idiots bitching at you for an opinion, companies like Viacom and Colgate frequently remove video's that doen't even do anything wrong, etc. It's basically a dictatorship, but it's ONLINE!
What's the similarity between Communism, Nazism and Youtube?

...They're all dictatorships!
by Another Madman August 16, 2009
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YouTube is a website that allows users to upload and share videos worldwide. Launched in Febuary 2005 by three former members of paypal, YouTube has seen immense success, and as of March 2006 roughly 20,000 videos are uploaded daily.

-YouTube, "Broadcast Yourself."
I made a video blog on YouTube.

I found Audioslave concert videos on YouTube.

Parents should be aware of what their children post on YouTube, as there are many perverts and perverted comments.
by James Johnson April 02, 2006
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