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See frustration, blind rage, anxiety, disappointment, stress, toilet or anal discharge.
Leonard: How was work.

Marcus: Oh man, I had a Windows Movie Maker of a day.

Leonard: That bad! Come here for a hug.

Janice: Hey Bethany, do you mind if I borrow your Windows Movie maker. I really need to shit.

Bethany: Certainly Jan, be sure to flush.
by Seth Burrows December 01, 2010
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Most unstable piece of shit to ever be invented. Ever. If it weren't for it's EXTREMELY ANNOYING freezes which occur ever 1/3 of a second, then it would be a half decent program. But sadly, that is not the case.
Rob: So, how's the editing going?
Smith: Horrible. That piece of cockshit WMM joke of a program froze and ruined a whole FUCKLOAD of my work. It fills me with enough rage to disembowel thousands of people within the time-span of 4 minutes.
by DannyMcfuck August 14, 2005
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your default video editing software on windows os, does the most basic things. It is a good to use if you're a beginner due to its lack of advanced features and anything past that you want to use sony vegas or adobe.

*It's default program on windows os (free!)
*does the basics of video editing
*great starting point for tinkering around

*lack of advanced features
*limited file type support (can only import .avi and various other common file types)
Windows Movie Maker is a program that's useful for first timers of video editing and after a week or so you'll move on to something else because the features are so primitive...
by extreme133 December 18, 2010
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A nice little program that basic people use to get the job done. Exports a low quality film, usually plagued with stupid white text on blue background. Those who just want to "get the job done" use this tool, while the rest of us would desire something else such as Sony Vegas, or Adobe After Effects.
Windows Movie Maker is good for those little projects where you don't care how good it looks.
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009
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