Someone who overreacts or who is overly dramatic
Someone, after taking a bite out of their favorite food, closes their eyes, and makes "mmmm" sounds or starts dancing as they chew.
The friend can then say, you're such a YouTuber.
by KAExom May 19, 2020
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A YouTuber is a person on YouTube that has a channel that does either diys,toy reviews,baking,gaming,vlogs,skits,makeup tutorial etc.
Rosanna Pansiono is a great YouTuber.
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An entitled amateur with a camera who suddenly has no time or respect for others because they make potentially up to 10,000 usd per video. Usually a means to an end, a youtuber lacks intelligence to contribute anything progressive to society and resorts to unorganized and random videos to game a rigged platform algorithm, all for a reason to signify their existence.
My dream is to be a YouTubers so people can like me and I can feel important.
by WannaBeFamousWahWah May 16, 2019
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Somebody who fails at everything else they do in life and tries to become a "filmaker". These losers spend their time alone with a camera, talking to themselves.
"Are you a Youtuber?"
"No, I have a job."
by Wearat July 21, 2015
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A person who has over 500 favorites and has watched more than 10,000 videos on youtube. A.K.A., Matt Thomas.
Matt Thomas, youtuber
by Slave on Dope May 18, 2009
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