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YouTube is a website that allows users to upload and share videos worldwide. Launched in Febuary 2005 by three former members of paypal, YouTube has seen immense success, and as of March 2006 roughly 20,000 videos are uploaded daily.

-YouTube, "Broadcast Yourself."
I made a video blog on YouTube.

I found Audioslave concert videos on YouTube.

Parents should be aware of what their children post on YouTube, as there are many perverts and perverted comments.
by James Johnson April 02, 2006

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Stephen T. Colbert, more widely known as Stephen Colbear (The T's are silent, and they stand for truth!) He is the O'Reilly-esque host of the Colbert Report, Comedy Central's response to media pundits, mostly Bill O'Reilly because he is easy to satirize.
Stephen Colbert: You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! But I've got oven mits. This is the Colbert Report.
by James Johnson November 22, 2005

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From its rather humble beginnings, coffee has evolved into a precious, albeit addictive commodity for many millions of people around the world. It is the lifeblood of nerds, and the drink that keeps America's workforce complacent on their journey to work.
Tom is a nerd, he stays up late with C++ and coffee. Jen is a secretary at a law firm, she drinks coffee on her bus ride to work.
by James Johnson December 24, 2005

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To properly describe Queens of the Stone Age one should refer to eargasm.
Songs for the deaf is like an orgy for your ears.
by James Johnson August 28, 2005

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Alternative rockers Collective Soul were one of the five most heavily played bands on 90's rock radio. Despite having 19 seperate singles on the billboard top 100 this great band remains unseen or forgotten by many people.
Do you remember "Shine" "December" or "The World I Know", that was Collective Soul at their apex.
by James Johnson December 20, 2005

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Dan Brown is the author of numerous books, now widely known for his controversial hit The Da Vinci Code, which has been converted into a major motion picture.
Dan Brown was a relatively unknown author until he hit it big with The Da Vinci Code.
by James Johnson May 20, 2006

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One of the most underrated Country Music Artists of all time. His music contains life lessons and humor that everyone can enjoy and learn from.
Jerry Reed can tell a story with a song.
by James Johnson August 28, 2005

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