Yusef is literally a fucking g. Anyone with this name can rule worlds. If you mess with anyone named Yusef prepare to die. If you don’t like Yusef then get out.
Yusef just killed 17,000 people while eating fries.
by Snaresef November 09, 2018
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Yusef is a weird guy you'll first meet on the first day of anything. He has awesome hair and a brilliant smile, he'll listen to your problems most of the time when you don't have anyone to vent to. He attracts girls with his big happy personality and often will be by your side as you guys get very close. He'll love you like he loves nobody else, he will also adapt to your level when things get hard cause he knows. He is extremely sensitive on the inside and weird on the outside but will get comfortable around you once you get to know him better. He will also defend you in situations and many times have his heart broken but he heals pretty fast, he won't hurt you if you two are together and are dating, will love you affectionately and would want a lot of kisses, cuddles, snuggles and hugs. Mostly loyal and has the last name of Michael Jordan or Michael. B Jordan
Girl 1: Look at that guy, isn't he so cute?
Girl 2: Yep, if you're wondering who he is, He's a Yusef
Girl 1: I wonder if I could take him on a date.
Girl 2: go for it, you got this.
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Popular name in North Africa and among blacks and arabic speakers. The names origin is from a prophet and the english translation is Joseph.
by lebronroy March 04, 2008
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Someone powerful, strong, alpha male, rolex on hand and 2 women by his side
Girl 1: Look at that yusef
Girl 2: He’s so strong and hot
by Yusefvillie June 11, 2021
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A name given to a incest dog that knows nothing
Your a yusef
by Idek077 August 04, 2018
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This man thinks he is the coolest kid ever. He wears fake champion every day to school. He is very fat and obese. He is a fortnite gamer and has been on the show my 300lb life. Yusef is the type of person to break into someone’s house to find a new curtain as a new source of clothing. Almost every day he outgrows his curtain so he forced to roll over to someone’s house and steal a big one because he does not have a job and can not afford to but one. He had created a hole in his own house so he could roll through every day and rolls down the street and bulldozers into someone’s house and steals a couple more curtains. Yusef is forced to bath in a hotel size swimming pool because he can’t fit in a bath or shower or even a hot tub. This person usually is not able to roll to school and not able to attend school because he is afraid to break chairs he sits on, and his abnormally large nipple surrounding area (man boobs) May sag on desk preventing him to get work done. Sometimes when he is rolling down the block his shower curtain comes of and he is pulled over by chopped because he cannot fit in a police car.
“Did you here jimmy got crushed by Yusef yesterday when he was rolling down the block?”
“Yah and then Yusef ate him because he thought he was pancake
by Pedro quacamole sauce February 16, 2019
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