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Rapper god that sound so retarded but actually rapping straight fire and acts so dumb that he actually genius
Person: aye you ever heard Young Thug ?
Other: yea bro he so good his songs sound like they heaven on a donut
Person: yea
by harambenotdead May 14, 2017
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John: Hey Tre'daviquon, have you heard of the rapper Young Thug?
Tre'daviquon: Yeah bro, he's better than Tupac and Biggie combined!
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by JDfromcompton July 25, 2017
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a southern rapper that sound so retarded that he sounds good.
People 1: have u heard of young thug
People 2: yeah h sounds so retarded dat he sounds good
People 1: yeah not like chief keef
People 2: uck chief keef
by ghjghgjghyoufdtyuf November 01, 2014
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A Haitian-American autistic rapper who is very unique and has a highly eccentric style of rap, which many people love to hate on.
Friend: Young Thug is such a retard, he can't rap, and all he does is makes wierd noises.

Me: Young Thug is one of the best and atleast the most unique rapper.
by aCideX August 19, 2015
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A completely uneducated retarted hip hop artist from Atlanta Georgia who calls Lil Wayne and Birdman his "lovers" Nobody can understand what he says especially in the song Lifestyle
Rick- Do you have any idea what Young Thug says in Lifestyle

Josh- No Rick. Nobody does.
by awesome_1 January 07, 2015
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