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A Philosopher of the modern 21st century, spreading awareness of many critical errors in modern day society. Preacher of good.
Birdman exposed 12 eugenes within the blink of an eye, eradicating theirs plans of school domination.
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A Man Youtuber, who makes the best content. His famous quotes are "This Shit Ain't Adding Up", "I'm tired of all these females lying" "We have a code Eugene"
Subscribe to BirdMan to become a god.
by Xx_BirdMan_Xx January 13, 2017
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The youtuber that warned us about Eugene
Oh man that dude birdman saved me i saw a eugene and followed the golden rules
by Jarqu3s3 January 05, 2017
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An obnoxious "rapper" from New Orleans. He fails to finish any sentence he starts and "puts his life down for his son" apparently. His face looks as if it were bashed in at birth and he just looks retarded. He makes an apperance in every lil wayne video. Just look for the person wearing sunglasses surronded by women he most likely drugged.
Clitus: I was watching the newest lil wayne video and there was this asshole in the back doing nothing.

Me: That was probably Birdman.
by i done forgot December 25, 2011
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the man we all hate for producing the most obnoxious, disgusting, intolerable, lyric lacking, ignorant "rapper" on the planet. lil wayne.

because of this, birdman is used to describe a drug dealer, and also a man who's sperm lacks the part of a dna strand that creates brain cells.
that kid is so annoying.

-i know. his dad is a birdman.
by lilwaynesucks123456789876543 January 15, 2010
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