Eva is a very beautiful, outgoing, caring girl. She can be antisocial at points, but can be the life of the party. This girl is talented and a heart stopper when seen.
Boy #1 : “Aye whos that girl, shes so beautiful”
Boy #2 : “Havent you heard? Thats the new girl Eva”

Boy #1 : “Damn shes hot”
by Rattleboi January 2, 2018
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Eva is an amazing person. Somone you can talk to and trust. Really beautiful has an amazing body. Has an amazing personality. She is good at singing. Also funny and fun to be around. She is loyal to people and won't back stab you. You are really lucky if you have an Eva in your life epically if you are dating her. If you have an Eva in your life DON'T EVER LOSE HER.
Your dating Eva lucky u.
by 1681 November 6, 2017
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Eva is one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet in your life. She is smart, gorgeous, funny, sporty and over all just a really good person to know. If you have an Eva as a friend keep her she will be very important in your life.
“Who’s that?”

“That’s Eva”

“She gorgeous

I know.”
by Jemma Reign January 11, 2018
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Is a girl of extreme knowledge and high standards, she has a blinding smile and a beautiful body. She is a girl who deserves the utmost respect as that’s all she ever gives. Shes never boisterous acting maturely always. A lady in her words and actions everybody needs an eva in their life.
by Cocacola442 February 25, 2019
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Eva is a beautiful girl even if she thinks otherwise, she’s funny, kind and all round an amazing being. She can make anyone smile. She may say she looks like ass but in reality she is gorgeous and by far the most attractive girl in the world. If u have an Eva make sure you keep her. Well in Cam
Hello Eva
by YourDaBoss November 1, 2018
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Eva is a girl who knows who she is and what she wants. She is very intelligent and always makes the best decisions. Eva is a girl of beauty and confidence. Even though when you first meet her she may be a little shy, once you get to know her she is a funny girl you can always trust. She has a beautiful smile and perfect skin.
Guy1: She is so perfect I think I love her
Guy2: Who?
Guy1: Eva
by No🚫😪⛔ November 30, 2019
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A joyful, kind girl who goes through a lot of { pain } that she doesn't deserve. She cries herself to sleep
Eva, didn't deserve that
by user192837465 July 8, 2019
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