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Eva is an amazing person. Somone you can talk to and trust. Really beautiful has an amazing body. Has an amazing personality. She is good at singing. Also funny and fun to be around. She is loyal to people and won't back stab you. You are really lucky if you have an Eva in your life epically if you are dating her. If you have an Eva in your life DON'T EVER LOSE HER.
Your dating Eva lucky u.
by 1681 November 07, 2017
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Eva is one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet in your life. She is smart, gorgeous, funny, sporty and over all just a really good person to know. If you have an Eva as a friend keep her she will be very important in your life.
“Who’s that?”

“That’s Eva”

“She gorgeous

I know.”
by Jemma Reign January 11, 2018
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Your Eva needs love everyday and make sure to buy your Eva a Matilde. They like that.
Eva: "Give me Matilde...."
You: Calm down, Eva.
by Elicakes May 16, 2018
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Name of the first woman on earth.

AND: Eva is like a synonym for angel. She is everything positive. Lovely, smart, beautiful, funny, loving, honest, trustworthy, talented, sings like a goddess and so much more.

There is nothing better than having an Eva as a friend, daugther, sister or mom. She is like every human being should be.

So if you need an angel go and search for an Eva.
She is an Eva i can see her wings.
by adler.schwarzer February 22, 2011
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Eva is the prettiest girl. She has gorgeus brown eyes, that make you melt every time you see them. She's craziness makes you want to be around her everyday. She is the kind of girl that does not deserve to be hurt and a guy would do everything possible for her not to feel that way. She is a dream girl.
You are very lucky you found yourself an Eva.
by Jasperrrr May 31, 2013
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Is a super sweet and beautiful woman. She is very classy and is one of the most sincere people you can meet. She often works with kids. She ushally has 3 kids of her own the first born a daughter middle-boy youngest-girl. She has a beautiful shade of brown hair and the prettiest brown eyes you could ever see. Everybody that meets her adores her because you cant help but smile when you see the gorgeous face of hers:)
Wow that girl is mighty fine.. She must be an Eva!
by yodawgggg December 29, 2009
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The most funniest person you would ever meet and loves shopping. Really Sporty Loves <3 the outdoors. She is the Most beautiful girl ever. She has a great body and is so smart.The bestest friend you could ever have.If you date an Eva you are one of the luckiest guys on the planet.
"Hay who's that hot chick over there"

"That's an Eva she is so beautiful and she's my best friend"

"Lucky Girl"
by hannahlily13 January 08, 2012
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