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"I feel free, I feel freedom
Why they mad? You should see them
Burn a L 'cause it's crazy in here
Crazy in here, crazy in here"

Nicki Minaj
Freedom (2012)
by Raspberry Necessary 35 January 9, 2022
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(Noun) Pretend to sing; lip sync.
Dr. Alice: Hey! It looks like your teeth are bleeding. I'm afraid I'll have to remove them and give them back in a few days.

Sophie: Oh no. What am I going to do during chorus practice? I know! I'll have to Ashlee Simpson to We Don't Talk About Bruno from Encanto.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 7, 2022
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Terrible normie Sonic game that has the worst storyline in all of Sonic. Tails is very afraid and can't do things on his own. Also, Chaos was revealed to return again, but it was all a prank, meaning they lied. Plus, the levels are terrible, especially the Classic Sonic ones. It even makes Labyrinth look good, and that's not a good thing. And the music is awful and even Cardi B can make better songs than Fist Bump. This game is the reason why 10s Sonic, other than Generations and Mania, sucks ass, along with Lost World, and Boom as a whole. Also why 00s Sonic is way better because we had good games. Call me a boomer, but I was born in 2005.
Normie: Sonic Forces is amazing! Best game of the 21th Century!

Me: You're joking. Sonic has way better games than Forces, especially from the 2000s. Unleashed, Colors, 3 and Knuckles, Adventure 2, Black Knight, Chronicles, Secret Rings, even 06 is universes ahead of Forces.

Normie: What.

Me: You don't know those games?! Educate yourself. Because Forces is the definition of a normie Sonic game. Those games are better and are good.

Normie: Ok boomer.

Me: I was born in 2005 you idiot!!!

Normie: Okay then, chill. Go listen to your lean Xanax music. I'm going to listen to good Sonic songs.

Me: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Asap Rocky, Tyler The Creator, and YBN Cordae don't do Xanax fool!!!

Normie: Racist.

Me: "Racist" my ass!
by Raspberry Necessary 35 April 3, 2022
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(Noun) A person who thinks they're sad when they're not.
Dr. Eggman: i lost my sandwich
Knuckles: Shouldn't you be attacking us?
Sonic: Yeah, you're such a Billie Eilish.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 January 17, 2022
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Wack female rapper who was originally a Disney Channel actress. Made a song on TikTok and it brought female rap legends like Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj to shame. Stick to acting.
Bella Thorne: Bitch I'm Bella Thorne

Normal person: Is that a big deal?
by Raspberry Necessary 35 April 19, 2022
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To smoke a big ass blunt like a gangsta.
"You been rollin' around, sh** I'm rollin' up,
Light and roll it up"

-Sexy pop and hip hop queen, Rihanna. (Needed Me)
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 10, 2022
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No other rapper has said "YEAH" and "AYY" more than him.
Radio plays.

Young Jeezy: Yeah!

Person: Shut the hell up.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 1, 2022
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