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Used as an insult. This insult will obliterate the opposition. But be warned, for they might use the holy words No u
Person 1: Haha ya fuckin' cunt i'ma bring ya tah da glue factoray I swear tah god.
Horse: You're mom gay.
P1: No u.
*Horse fucking explodes*
by Minty Flesh March 19, 2018
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This expression is used when you want to offend someone that makes lots of grammatical errors or just use it as a joke.
Person 1: (Makes an offensive statement for the person 2 but with lots of grammatical errors)
Person 2: You're mom gay! (Sarcastically mocks the person 1 and also says that he's gay indirectly)
by chin chin ga daisuki nandayo December 30, 2017
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