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The absolute worst, most intense insult in the entire universe. Every time someone says this, a universe gets destroyed and a super nova nearby explodes, resulting in the destruction of the solar system. You become ruler of the universe, as nothing can even compare to the intellectual ability of you. You control everything, you become a God.
Zach: your're mom gay.
Jacob: Your father lesbian
Zach: Your granny tranny
Jacob: Your grandpap a trap
Zach: your sister a mister
Jacob: your family tree LGBT

Zach stutters, shook and doesn't know what to say.
Jacob shows a smirk, and Zach isn't prepared for whats about to happen.

Jacob: Your ancestors incestors.

Everything is gone. Jacob becomes high ruler of the Universe, and controls everything.
by mianix May 17, 2018
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Carl: "your mum gay"
John: "your dad lesbian"
Carl: " your granny tranny"
John: "your grandpap trap"
Carl: "your sister a mister"
John: "your family tree LGBT"
Carl: "dont make me do it to em."

John: "do it Carl"
Carl: "your ancestors incestors."
Carl: "you know i had to do it to em"
God: 'bows down before Carl'
by Yourancestorsincestors81 March 24, 2018
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