If you read this, we have the same name and, just like me, you searched it in a random dictionary just for curiosity even knowing that potentially all the results are wrong. Shame on you, and on me
–Guy 1 : Yo, bro, do you see that dude up there? He's called Erik.

Guy 2 : Cool.
by PogMan420 August 3, 2021
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A thicc nigga who good at fortnite cuz he he Erik damn what you though this was cuh
Crazy how:Dayum he got another dub
Some bitch:yeah let’s hop on his dick
Homie:dayum that’s my nigga Erik
by Fresh cotton April 12, 2018
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A raw nigga that will prolly sneak in yo wife's bed at night. causes 99% of all breakups; the alternate synonym of a baby daddy (n.)
Damn, that kid ain't mine, it's actually Erik's.
by Erik bruh June 12, 2017
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erik is an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend. he will care for you and put himself before anyone else. his love is pretty damn strong and he will always know what to say and when to say it. even though he may be a bit ADHD he is super fun to be around and cares so much for other people. Never quick to judge, he puts himself on the line for other people.
Dude, that Erik?
Yeah, he is an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend.
by linaleon September 14, 2018
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An extremely sexy and perfect man. Has gorgeous eyes, an incredible personality. Shy at first, funny as hell once you get to know him. Very caring and wonderously intelligent. Easy to get along with, SEXY body. The best in bed. Turns you on without even trying, has an underlying sex appeal that he's unaware of. Very handsome and mysterious. Loves to cuddle, very loving and knows how to make you feel like the most important person in the whole world with just one look.

Very rare species of male. One of a kind. Erik's make perfect boyfriends, could easily be the one you spend the rest of your life with. Living proof of perfection.
- WOW you're perfect!

- Well, my name is Erik..
by T0UF3R July 26, 2009
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He is seggsy
Guy1: YOU know Erik

Guy2: yes hes very cool
by Lovan123riktig January 28, 2021
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A ladies man. Also known as FLASH. Knows how to get his clothes on fast. People like his humble attitude and his natural athleticism. Funny without even trying.
by Realman4u May 13, 2018
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