A Granola type who bakes cakes for the moon as 'offerings', thinks tofu and tahini are great breakfast choices, and who's idea of style is to wear multiple layers of cheap market clothes made in Cambodia from dried grass and colored using low impact dyes such as menstrual blood and compost bin'discharge'.

Luggage of choice; cane basket
Favourite Artist; Enya
Instrument of choice; Harp
Hobbies; mosaics, macrame, meditation, mime, moon dancing, muesli making and any other earthy pursuit starting with M.
The 'yoghurt weavers' formed a circle of light at the 'Breathe your way to Wholeness and Bliss' festival in honour of the Playtypus that had been found floating belly up in the nearby creek.
by Lollib August 16, 2006
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"Yoghurt weaving" was a term coined by Alexei Sayle in his late 70's stand up routine, and subsequently immortalised on his live 1982 album "Cak!"

Alexei Sayle spotted the "yuppie" trend way before the term "yuppie" was ever coined, and in his routines he referred to them as "the middle classes in Stoke Newington..."

One such routine described them "...all sitting around on the windswept concrete piazza, discussing Chekhov and weaving their own fucking yoghurt..." - the last part delivered with a palpable Scouse sneer.

On occasion he would substitute "... growing their own fucking denim." but this expression didn't seem to catch on quite as well.

In this instance, "yoghurt weaver" and "denim grower" are interchangeable.
by Ott^ September 12, 2005
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Self-righteous, middle class, pseudo hippy herbal tea drinker. Known to remove the shoes of ordinary folk and trap them in their homes feeding them organic vegan food (usually lentil or chick pea based products) and giving them slathering hugs. Ecover and mooncups are a must.
"This is a no shoe household..."
by rabid leek May 10, 2004
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Pseudo middle class hippies who buy into aromatherapy etc yet drive BMWs.
Have no thought through politics. Buy ecover, but have dish washers. Pretend
to be hippies but aren't. Drinks organic cider. Wears tie dye at weekends. (see also yogurt weaver)
Love reggae and world music etc
a: The Beamer is running so much better now that I've had it's Chakra's cleansed.
b: Don't you think you're turning into a frightful yoghurt weaver darling?
by Blod October 7, 2003
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One who performs a fruitless task - you can weave yoghurt all day long and will be left with the same yoghurt you started with.
Council offices are full of 'yoghurt weavers' including Community Relations Officers, Best Value Officers and Smoking Cessation Officers
by Rich November 19, 2003
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someone who makes yoghurt and weaves baskets.
also pacifistic pikey
tends to dwell in Totnes
typical statement: do you want to see my bag of information?
by gavin September 14, 2003
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