the process of using colored dyes to make a white shirt funky fresh.
"yooo you look goooooddd in that tie dye mann..right on!!"

peace&lovee mannn!
by jessicaroseeee November 6, 2008
Best kind of clothing there is!!
Usually when White Material is bounded up (or 'tied') in rubber bands to make a psychedellic mixture of colors. Most people connect tie-dye with Hippies. most often worn in the seventies.
Damn, I hate how scene kids are taking over the tie-dye look. Hippies will own it forever!
by toughguybum July 28, 2008
The FUCKING shirt that MIDDLE SCHOOL SLUTS will wear to attract big dicks.
Hey, look. That girl is wearing TIe DYE!!@32
by Bommyyer November 30, 2017
When a female quifes in a mans face after having a load of cum blown in her twat and while she is on the rag, causing a red and white tie dye effect on his face. A variation on a Winchester, and a head shot.
Damn I got the best winchester tie dye from that girl at the bar last night
by tunazz June 11, 2008
On tuesdays, wear a tie dye shirt
Baylen Levine always get tropical thursdays and tie dye tuesdays mixed up
by baylen.kyle.peej April 27, 2020
the various short term and permanent sweat stains one's clothing acquires after existing in Texas
It's so hot outside that just taking the trash out is enough to get my Texas tie dye on.
by a_damn_zoo July 27, 2018
When you are eating out a woman while she is spotting or on her rag and decides to do a 360 on your face and it’s all the blood everywhere
I was doing a tie-dye swirl last night with my wife.
by Onevia_diego October 10, 2020