South Park pairing of Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker, one of the most popular pairings in the fandom next to Style (Stan/Kyle) and Kyman (Kyle/Cartman).

As of S19E06, the ship has been confirmed canon.
*Failing classes*
*Parents are arguing*
*Barely getting any sleep*
Person A: "Hey, at least Creek is still canon."
by pinatafox AKA cosmohound#8783 November 18, 2017
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a person who is worse, or creepier, than a creep.
Ugh, Patty is such a creek!
by Jon F 1403 November 9, 2008
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A person or persons who achieve both creative and technical excellence to become awesomely cool. A mash-up of 'creative' and 'geek'.

Typically: a web designer who has both creative and development skills. Essentially a creek must have skills in both areas. A graphic designer is not a creek, nor is a programmer.
Person a) "Those guys are so cool, they're designers and they know their technical stuff too!"

Person b) "Yeah man, they're total creeks".
by Hackos March 12, 2012
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A combination of the two words "cheek" and "crack" forms the word creek. used to desribe the view when only half of someones ass is showing.
"this guy at work had a plumbers creek yesterday."

"nasty dude, you have shit on your creek."
by Colonel Cram December 17, 2006
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To woo or to chat up a girl, in as cheesy a manner as possible. From the unashamed pulling efforts displayed in Dawsons Creek.
Oi mate, stop creeking that minger and lets go to the next pub
by fellixthehat August 16, 2006
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a creek is a type of river, just a river, not that trashy ship, THAT forced ship.
person 1: do you like creeks?
person 2: I do, they calm me down
person 3: I get all happy when I see one in a forest
by a_ness_x_paula_shipper January 4, 2019
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