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Small town outside of Hartford, CT. Average size high school with some mistakes in their past. Most people end up at Central, Eastern. UHart, UCONN, community college, or somae random college in the middle if nowhere. Has 2 cities around it and 3 towns that are like its twin. Pretty much if you know you are from CT, you are from a suburb of Hartford. But like every other town we have the white kids who act Puerto Rican or African-American to fit in with they culture that they think they should have.
LAXer 1: Dude who are we playing today?
LAXer 2: I think like Hartford or something.
LAXer 3: Nahh man its Newington.
LAxer 2: Ohhhh man its gunna be a good game.
by gettinoutofherefast December 29, 2010
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I am from Newington so I'll let you know how it really is. It's a suburb of Hartford, CT. It borders Hartford, New Britain, West Hartford, and a few other suburbs. The side bordering Wethersfield and Rocky Hill is the area wear all of the rich people live. The side bordering Hartford is an area of low income and not always the safest place. People get jumped a lot and sometimes other things happen. Overall, Newington is a nice place to live but if you want to live here, live on the side next to Wethersfield and Rocky Hill.
Kid living by Wethersfield: aren't you from Newington?

Kid living by Hartford: technically
by Coorsisgreat January 03, 2014
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sam..possibly the nicest guy in the world....only cos he bought meh food today :D
sam...chuck us some grub/burger/strongbow/weed
by jonfan July 21, 2003
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