1. Producing no fruit.
2. Unproductive of success
3. Lame, weak and ineffectual; unsatisfactory
That was a fruitless homework assignment.
Tammy is fruitless.
by megaguytwo April 12, 2006
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When a group of guys go out to pick up chicks only to come home empty handed.
How was the club last night? Did you meet any hoes?

Nah, we were on the fruitless grind.
by therizza December 28, 2012
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Having a flavoured condom, but no one to use it with.
I broke up with my girlfriend recently, but I still have a flavoured condom. Such a Fruitless Effort...
by H4XOR13 October 28, 2021
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when you have to swear about someone/something when it’s an inappropriate time and/or place, use this term.
Alex is being such a fruitless flowering tree!
by keeby March 31, 2020
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A community (typically high school or college) where there is a surplus of gay women, and straight people, but little to no gay men. It is so barren of all fruits, that the few homosexual males are left with little dating options.
Brittney: "Why are all the cute men gay?"
Britney's gbf: "don't even go there. I have no dating pool here, its just a fruitless garden"
by Pseudonymous penis December 18, 2017
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