When you are checking your penis for lumps and end up having a wank
I was looking for lumps and noticed that it was getting bigger. I thought never mind and had a Chekhov
by Soildsteelheel July 31, 2015
A literary element that, at first, seems to have no purpose but is later revealed to be important to the plot. This is commonly thought of as a parallel of foreshadowing, but it is more properly interpreted as "do not include any unnecessary elements in a story."
The return of Carmelita Spats in The Slippery Slope after her seemingly unnecessary appearance in The Austere Academy is an example of Chekhov's gun.

"One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it." -Anton Chekhov
by Rising_Rose January 17, 2010
An element introduced then immediately used, usually to dramatic effect.
When an actor is shot in the opening act, with a gun that was introduced shortly before hand, it is a Chekhov quickscope
by Ralphlyboi239 December 22, 2021
A dramatic principal that states every element of a story must be completely unnecessary and never called back to.
Season 7 of Doctor Who contains numerous examples of Chekhov's Unregistered Firearm
by redsleepinggrass November 29, 2022
If a film shows a dog more than once (specifically if that dog has a connection to the main character) that dog will then die later on.
by Origami_Sangha March 8, 2021
Danny: oh hey a gun
Kurtis: well, you know what they say about chekhov's gun
both: you better shoot that thang
by squiddy_animations February 28, 2022
If a ball-gag appears in a work of erotica, one or more characters must use said ball-gag before the story's end. Variation of Chekhov's "gun on the mantle." Bonus points if you put the ball-gag on a mantle.
That ball-gag hasn't been used yet, but it seems important - it must be a Chekhov's Ball-Gag!
by Marilyn Spence December 31, 2020