a condition given to someone who is addicted to gym. the word is also synonymous with an excess amount of anabloic creatine intake. one wouldd find a 'weaves' wearing only wife-beaters or finger clothing, and listening to locnville. research has proven that weaves is also commonly associated with the smooth tiger smooth tiger syndrome.
that guy has the weaves syndrome. i heard him listening to loncville the other day, while at gym !
by jjanabolicleroux November 2, 2010
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1. Departs. 2. Flat, thin protuberances growing from twigs and branches.
1. The twain weaves at 2:12. 2.Wilbur was waking weaves wewentwesswe.
by harry flashman August 21, 2003
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what that girl be wearin
shoot, that girl be wearin weaves
by nAaLdEiXa February 5, 2003
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Weave, weaving, weaved Threading and are threading on the Threads app by instagram

Defined by @rancellbrito on Threads
Man Justin Timberlake just weaved this thread about musical artist I had to Rethread to stay in the loop.

I’m weaving this thread about Pokémon cards right now I love them.

I need to weave right now, it’s been too many hours.
by WeavingKing July 6, 2023
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the incredibly ability to dodge things at a rapid speed
by kfug March 1, 2022
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a form of hair extensions. often used by black women, and celebrites. it's woven, or glued, into the hair from the track. if done rite, it comes out cute. it may even look real, if its done real good.
Nahoje: ooh Taquasha, yo weave is mad cute.
Taquasha: wat chu talkin bout? this ain't no weave.i got
some cherokee indian in me.
Nahoje: girl, please. you black jus like the rest of us. you ain't foolin nobody.
by yay area baby October 20, 2005
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