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Meaning: Little Fire and Kernel/Nut in Celtic. This is usually a female name and originates from Ireland. Pronounced EN-yah.

Populatrity remains in Europe, a not so common name in Western countries.

People named Enya tend to be open minded, artistic, independent and strong. Sometimes they can be too strong minded and jump on opertunities without thinking them through properly. Usually very beautiful inside and out and talented in many fields.
"Enya's not just a singer"

"That new girl pulled an Enya, she's so talented"
by yayasha February 07, 2010
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A lovely, caring girl, you usually has great music taste.
Loved by most and very outgoing.
Always tries to balance out situations and tries to make them fair.
Very talented.
Boy:Oh looks it's Enya (waves)
Girl:Oh I love her!
by ywERTVAHJBAJNhss April 21, 2011
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A bad ass motherfucker, who won't take no shit off of nobody!
That girl is about to get the Enya knocked out of her!
by Lola99 March 12, 2014
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Girl who is imaginative and incredibly talented. May not always look the best, but has many other traits to make up for it. Also known to look/seem strong and confident in herself and be loud and happy all the time; this is almost always a lie. The stronger or louder she is, the more she is hurting.
Friend 1: "Hey i know her, she's the artist, right?"
Friend 2: "Yeah.. everyone knows her. You know, the loud and funny one?"
Friend 3: "Dude, she's totally and Enya. That's all fake."
by JustMeThanks(: November 05, 2010
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A very attractive, witty, caring, funny, open-minded, compassionate woman. She is pretty much a well-rounded person who carries herself well.

Many people are often put off by her good looks, assuming that she is just full of looks with no brain. However, you will be shocked by how intelligent she is, making her the whole package.
She also has a nice, big booty that boys often find themselves staring.
by anonymous2345433 March 13, 2019
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