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One of the three main villains in Advent Children. He's the most feminine looking of the three brothers, and also the quietest. He's the only one with a gun.
Yazoo has a small fanbase, but nowhere near the size of Sephiroth's or even Kadaj's.

(no, he wasn't named after the band)
by ~souba~ December 13, 2005
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1. A very kickass band from Britain.
2. A very kickass (if a little feminine-looking) guy from Advent Children.
1. Oh, Yazoo is my fave band.
2. Holy shit!! Yazoo dodged a motorcycle!
by ~souba~ November 18, 2005
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a really, really beautiful female. she is like sex for the eyes. a walking, talking oragasm. she is clever, beyond reasoning but she is also a big dope. still, i think she is the most amazing person in the whole world, apart from moi, obv.
isn't YAZOO so amazing

yeah i want a YAZOO just like her

by Z3RO1991 June 23, 2010
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An early eighties british duo (the human computer Vince Clarke and the soul singer Alison moyet). Very succesful in both sides of the pond, split after two albums, a major influentia in 80's and 90's poppers.
I like 'Only You' a lot.
by Jeda March 25, 2004
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Council estate scum.
Live off job-seekers allowance.
Called 'yazoos' because this brand of milkshake is favoured by council estates, particularly children who live with an abusive father and a smackhaead mum of different races.
Posh kids have frij milkshake.
McDonalds on a wednesday afternoon.

'This place is full of yazoo's'
by shadybattyman23 February 15, 2008
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