46 definitions by Ally

1) a place 2 view pictures of depressed teenagers- who listen 2 the same music and all dress the same- taken wiv a crappy webcam at an angle that dus not show their double thin
4) wots the point in having 300 net friends?? go talk 2 sum, ppl!! dont sit infront of a computer
3) a place 2 add random emo kids and send "funi" messages at 3 am in the morning when u pretend 2 b drunk....dus eni more need 2 b sed...??
"rate mi pic or ill eat ur pets coz im an emo kid"
by Ally April 5, 2005
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The actor who played Merry a.k.a. Meriadoc Brandybuck in the LOTR Trilogy.
The man is what I like to calling Fexy. A.K.A. Fucking Sexy.
Oh Look! It's the Dom. That Man is the Fex!
by Ally July 19, 2004
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'Grace' and other post humous releases
by Ally August 20, 2004
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young militant catholic boys who know nothing about their church or history, usually non attenders.
dont talk religion to Kev he is a super pape
by Ally October 13, 2003
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Jrock (Japanese rock) band consisting of 5 members: Kyo - vocalist, Die - guitarist, Kaoru - guitarist, Shinya - Drummer, Toshiya - Bassist.
Examples of other jrock bands are X - Japan, Gazette, Merry, and Nightmare.
by Ally April 2, 2005
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A word used to describe someone who is making a grip of money, legally, illegally, or otherwise.
"Damn, look at all his new shit, he must be bankin'!"
by Ally April 20, 2004
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a group of people (usually defined in high school) who wear the latest fashion and have common interests. Often pretended to be hated by everyone but secretly want to be them. Often very into whats going on (football games, pep rallys, parties, etc) Often described as being snobby and, mean to individuals, fake, and slutty. However, if your not one of them..how would you really know ;)
goth: god I hate preps
goth friend: shut up you wish you were one of them
by Ally November 22, 2004
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