The new amazing looking final fantasy movie based on final fantasy 7. Available for the playstation portable.
Did you see the latest AC pictures? Sexier than a lesbian gang bang!!!
by Jamie October 31, 2004
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Advent Children is a movie based on the popular game Final Fantasy VII. Truth be told, this movie sucked, but good luck getting any Final Fantasy junkie to admit that. As we all know, Final Fantasy VII was a great(albeit overrated)game. Square knew this as well, and so, this movie was made. The story is a poor excuse to have the two most popular emo characeters from the Final Fantasy series get into a huge epic fight. But the story didn't matter to the fans, they just creamed their pants as soon as Cloud and Sephiroth pulled out their giant swords and started swinging.
Final Fantasy Fanboy "Hey Set! Wasn't Advent Children a great movie!?!"

Set "Sure it was. If by great you mean: A poor story, a poor script, poor voice acting, and a bunch of cell phones. But i guess all that's ok, because the two emos had a big, overblown fight scene."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
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A movie that was pretty good, but had too many character revivals.
Reno teamkilled Rude in Advent Children.

How is Tseng alive again in Advent Children?!
by ~souba~ November 19, 2005
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ok i just want to clear a few things up here
One Half says that:
How exactly Sephiroth managed to come back is never explained; where Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo came from is never explained; how Kadaj became Sephiroth is never explained; the full story of Geostigma is never explained; the plot holes from the game were never covered up nor explained, and how Aeris and Zack continue to exist is not explained.

SO lets start with the three grey-haired men. As the movie puts it, they are 'remnants.' They are in fact physical manifestations of Jenova's memetic legacy within the lifestream, sort of clones of a person's genetic remains, except instead of genetic, they are 'memetic' clones (born out of Jenova's or maybe Sephiroths will). the fact that Kadaj visibly disintegrates into part of the lifestream when he dies suggests that he was not born from a mother's womb, but directly from the lifestream which still contains the presense of Jenova who exerts some influence over the lifestream and Sephiroth (who is physically dead). Kadaj became sephiroth because when he took Jenova's head into himself, the jenova cells with their form changing capability did what ultimately would be in their best interest to survive and changed Kadaj into the greatest soldier ever to live in order to fight cloud.
Geostigma also links into the presence of jenova cells in the lifestream. When the lifestream, summoned by aeris, burst out of the planet to fight against meteor above midgar in the end of FFVII, the jenova cells within the lifestream infected many of the people in midgar. geostigma is the result of the body's own 'lifestream' trying to fight off the invading jenova cells, as explained by vincent.
aeris and zack continue to exist in the lifestream (and in cloud's memory/dreams), simple as that. if you are a christian and/or believe that people have a soul and there is such thing as heaven, think of it that way.
as for plot holes in the game - some things in the game are deliberately left ambiguous (i.e whether cloud ever loved aeris), many things are left for you to work out yourself and ARE NOT spelled out to you in black and white, some things can only be seen by backtracking or exploring every nook and cranny. that and vincent is by far the coolest character in the whole series.
hater: Final fantasy VII: Advent Children was lame as, you have to be a silly little final fantasy 7 sephiroth loving fanboy to actually enjoy this movie because us TRUE final fantasy fans are too busy hating fanboys to appreciate the amazing CGI, the very well coreographed fight scenes and some of the good voice acting in this film.
fanboy: be fair tho, vincent is cool
by the wangster May 7, 2006
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An awsome movie that is soon to hit america. It is the sequal to what happened two years later after the infamous and unforgettable Final Fantasy VII.
People who only come here to put a lousy definition to tell how lousy the game is should go fuck bush
there i go again mixing george w bush with idiots. wait... whats the diffeance?
George: *singing* If only i had a braaaaaiiinn....!
by boob January 21, 2005
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a sequel to the Final Fantasy VII game, movie style. destined to be a kick arse movie just by seeing trailers.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is gonna be a sweet movie! I'm already geeking out about it!! WOOT!
by Juliet December 20, 2004
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is one of the greatest movies ever. 2years after Sepiroth is killed, Kadaj's gang come looking for the Geostigma(After affect of Sepiroth) Children And Jenova's head, What Actually happens when Kadaj comes in touch with the head, Is not Jenova's Reunion... IT IS SEPIROTHS!
From Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Kadaj: This is my reunion for you *Turns Sepiroth*
by Sebastian Lillback September 21, 2005
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