Sexual Intercourse is sex between a man and a woman, it is also known as heterosexual sex. Primarily it is the insertion of the penis into the vagina, also known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual Intercourse is often shortened to simply sex or intercourse.

Men and women have Sexual Intercourse for sexual pleasure, love, and/or reproduction. Only Sexual Intercourse between a male and a female can lead to sexual reproduction. Thus, Sexual Intercourse is essential to the continued survival of humans, and the vast majority of animal species.
Sexual Intercourse is sex between men and women. More Sexual Intercourse means more babies.
by Science Disperse August 17, 2019
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When a man puts his pee pee in a womans hoo haa and they make some motherfucking WHOOPEE!
I am placing my flaccid penis into the woman's barren vagina in the hopes of creating something called a child...
by JJizzle January 10, 2005
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When the penis is injected into a vagina and pleasure occurs between two people results usually include std's & reproduction!
Chad enjoy's having Sexual Intercouse in Kiersten's bed but hates it when he get's her pregnant!

Chad has herpes but that don't stop him from having Sexual Intercourse with Kiersten!

Chad's wife rarely has Sexual Intercourse cause he's usually busy in bed with his girlfriend Kiersten!
by SlopNChop January 8, 2017
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Sexual Intercourse, aka Sex.
**what the fuck am i supposed to say here?? who uses sexual intercourse and not sex? some weird old man??**
by kickingorphans May 28, 2021
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1. The male's erect penis inside of the female's vagina (or inside of either gender's buttwhole).
2. The uniting of the penis and the vagina.
3. The act of two sexually mature bodies becoming one flesh through the means of reproductive organs coming together.
by Anonymous June 4, 2003
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The insertion of a penis into a womans vagina and then thrusting at varying speeds until the male of the party excretes a white, sticky liquid thus ending the act of intercourse
That sexual intercourse was the best ever. when i came i broke the condom
by Thompson91 August 15, 2008
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