Short form of the Hebrew name for deity: Yahweh.
HalleluYah (aka Hallelujah or Alleluia) means "Praise Yah".

PSALM 68:4 in the Hebrew uses the name YAH. This is retained in the New King James. The King James says JAH. Most other versions say "the LORD".

YAH means "I AM" see EXODUS 3:14-15.
by Rabbi Golden June 09, 2009
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word expressing an affirmative response used by the laziest people in the world, yes->yeh->yup->yuh/yah
person one - "so are you coming to see this film?"

person two (while snoring and or lying flat on back) - "yah"
by lazyperson April 04, 2006
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1. YAH - a sound used to express great joy, displeasure or anger or
to be in total agreement with a statement or situation.

2. YAH - is a sound expressed when you have accomplished a great feat or successful at overcoming an obstacle.
3. YAH - is a sound expressed in when you are in agreement with becoming extremely competitive or feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush.
4. YAH - is a One Boy greeting and a call used to identify fellow members.
"I made the deans list, yah!"
by Anthonio Von Swagger. August 31, 2012
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a dominican slang like 'TATO' used to say Alright.
-Junior: yo, I gotta hit the road, so see ya...

-Lalane: YAh...
by Lil' Monkey May 11, 2009
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A saying that is associated with being annoyed at someone in particular. Often placed together with the word, bitch while yelling it in someone's face. They will then know to back the hell up and leave you be.
woman(her breath is funky, she has BO, and she's won't shut up): I can't stop thinking about what I will where to-

you: YAHH BITCH! YAHH!Get out my face hoe! YAHHHH!
by neiceythegreat January 06, 2008
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the Greco-Roman-English name of "Jesus." I believe and use The Messiah's historical Hebrew name, which is Yahshuah (YAH-SHOO-UA) which means YAH'S SALVATION OR SALVATION OF YAH. From a corpus of over one hundred Yahweh inscriptions, thirteen have been selected for the viewer to study. Observation of the way that the ancient scribes wrote the name of their God has led to a theory as to why so many archaic forms are retained in Old Negev. It was observed that often when the name of Yahweh was written (in any of the respectful abbreviated forms) archaic letters were used. And since most of the inscriptions of these ancient dwellers of the Negev were religious, their language was viewed as a carrier of sacred knowledge and such a language has a conservative preference for archaic forms. That is, God's name should be written in the forms used in the beginning, such as the forms carried down from the mountain of God by Moses
Yah gave us THE LAND OF ISRAEL, The America=s, Africa, Europe etc is not our homeland, Israel is, Yah made that Promise to us through our father Abraham. Let us look and see the borders of our land.
by dee`non jones November 15, 2005
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