Slang for breasts, particularly nice big ones.
"Eh, Derek, I was thinkin...Andy's got a nice set of yah-yahs on her..."
by Mighty J April 20, 2005
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the supplemental word for "yes", used in texting lingo for individuals who are to lazy to write yeah, or yes!
Chris Austin says yah yah instead of yeah or yes, when answering questions correctly.
by CJ Austin May 9, 2011
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used to substitute pussy or vagina. or to describe a nasty ass smell...Usually a stinky ass, fish smelling pussy.
"Yo, that shit smells like a yah-yah!"

"that bitch has a tight yah yah"
by deedlit February 13, 2005
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Something stupid-cool that folks in Santa Fe seem to say all the time.
"That strawberry tart I just ate was so dopey-pimpin' fresh... it was the boo-yah-yah fo' sho!"
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A phrase that is a combination of the popular phrase "yah bitch yah" made famous by soulja boy and the common use of the word boss by Mr. Click.
"Junk food friday you roll up in the class. clicks got the snacks just for you fat ass, YAH BOSS YAH"

"Hey Mr. Click can I use the spam pass?" "YAH BOSS YAHHH! Get out my face boss get out my face boss."
by Alex Bezas & Nick Haxer April 16, 2008
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A true word that was used during the time of kings. This term was the noblest of greetings. Another usage of this beautiful word is a video with a stupid kid who points an imaginary gun at another kid.
One king to another " good day sir"
"yah yeet yah"
"you're too nice"
by yah yeeter her October 30, 2018
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To get out of the persons face. Leave them alone and stop rapping them up
Bob: I love your songs they are so wonderful I created a fan club and
Dave: (interuption) YAH TRICK YAH
by darnell GOGOOG February 19, 2008
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