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scarf/ fashion item.50%cashmere 50%silk
I got the lushest pashmina on the kr yesterday.
by Ally April 21, 2005
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Refers to the woman's sexual organ, the vagina.
by daniel spittman May 17, 2008
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Hooker, ho, whore, prostitute

Pashmining Stan is Gabby's favorite sport.
by Insaney February 15, 2004
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A beautiful person who doesn't realize her worth. She's smart but sometimes a fool. She will grow and become stronger than anything else ever. She is very cute and she is very sweet too. An amazing friend, sister, councillor and she is a blessing in many people's lives. Adorable , beautiful eyes
Pashmina is very understanding.
by Anonnn lover July 12, 2018
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The collective term for a group of wealthy, upper-middle-class, usually white young women or girls. They come from English public-school backgrounds and are distinguishable through their speech ("yaaaar, daaaaahling") and their dressing, which often involves hugely tousled blonde hair and a pashmina, hence the name. A sweatshirt from the school Lacross/Hockey/Netball team, often with an individualised nickname across it (eg. TEQUILA) may also be used. An individual member of the Pashmina Brigade is known as a sloane.
Why the hell did we go to Crazy Larry's? It's overrun by the Pashmina Brigade.
by Trin W. November 5, 2006
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A pashmina, scarf, blanket, duvet, or any large piece of fabric wrapped around the neck and/or upper body. Usually of ridiculously oversized proportions. Worn with the aim of creating a sense of gracious superiority in the wearer but often inspiring general ridicule instead. Seen in academic, fashion, and arty circles.
She was really rocking her power pashmina in that meeting. *eyeroll*
by qcrw February 12, 2018
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Soon To Be Invented Mini Pashminas Carrying All Sorts Of Information To Help You Pass Exams.
1) *In Exam* Ask Pocket Pashmina For Help
by MexicanPotatoSalad November 4, 2010
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