This stands for the Bay area. Brought to you by E40 and Too Short.
It cold out here in the yah.
by Jerome Burton November 20, 2006
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An issue, problem, something wrong. Usually used for minor inconveniences or when flirting with someone.
“Baby girl there’s no yah, I can take you out tonight.”

“Don’t worry about nothing, any yahs will be dealt with quickly”
by FrankwithacapitalF November 17, 2020
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1-Yah; When you're imitating /or trying to (be lit af) imitate having a slang/ black accent
2-Yah; When you're with your girlfriends and you wanna encourage em'.
1- "Yah, It be rough af out on the streets."
2- "Yaaahhh gurl!!You go get it!"
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by i.have.wierdo.problems December 26, 2019
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a simpler way of saying "yeah", commonly used through online messaging services
Scaramucci - Do you want to go the mall with me?
Donald - Yah just give me call
by Raizer August 06, 2017
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Its supposed to be YA but its H at the end simply, the same thing but with H. HOW TO PURNOUNCE YAH Y>A YAH not Yeah YAH
yah bruh can i use your car
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by By UnstopablePlayz944 May 20, 2020
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An interjection used in mainly suburban Illinois schools after someone has been seen observing a bountiful booty. It is often accompanied with pointing at a person with all five fingers held together, as is also done during intense roast sessions. Though, it's overuse has seen it become a term used ironically whenever someone looks at virtually anything. It is often accompanied with tag-on phrases, multi-lingual adaptations, and humorous "signature moves".
Person: *stares at phat ass*
Friend: "I'm fucking done. Yah!"

Person: *looks at ceiling*
Friend: Goddamn savage, yah!

Spanish Adaptation:
Person: *looks at phat ass*
Friend: Oh my god, ja animal!

Signature Move, the "Yahmaca":
Person: *stares at phat ass*
Friend: *mimes putting on yamaca, lighting menora, and puts hands together to pray. Keeping prayer hands together, they point them at the other person* "Yah!"
by CommaSpace March 02, 2016
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