To drink.....alcohol. Usually in excess.
"They were imbibing far too many pitchers of beer"
by Inconceivable November 29, 2017
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derived from the verb "imbibe", imbibement refers to the object of what is denoted by the verb. In other words, imbibements are the substances consumed during the act of drinking, soaking up, or absorbing (i.e., imbibing).

Imbibements often refer to beverages, especially of the alcoholic type
The party had a fine selection of imbibements, including wine, beer, and virgin margaritas.
by elle renae February 21, 2011
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(v.) To drink; To take in.
latin root bibet (drink)
The man imbibed his surroundings.
by Silicon January 18, 2003
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To throw booze down your muzzle
Brett imbibed so much last night he pooped his pants.
by Kira the Kid February 17, 2018
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Any liquid that can be drunk, particularly a preferred beverage, whether ceremoniously or habitual and may often contain alcohol.
He washed his lunch down with draghts his favorite imbibing fluid at the pub.

The three great imbibing fluids are water, breast milk and beer.
by steve strongheart March 2, 2007
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An individual who is assigned the task of drinking for other people because they are driving, pregnant, or have to get up early the next morning.
Guy 1: Wanna play some beer pong?
Guy 2: I wish, but I have to be at work at 8AM tomorrow.
Guy 1: It's fine, I'll be the designated imbiber.
by thebetterfriend2 June 19, 2013
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The often-entertaining, occasionally regrettable biological urge to,even after a night of wanton alcohol abuse and revelry, despite a Herculean hangover, partake in alcohol consumption the following day. While the exact science is unknown, many chalk it up as:
A. A hangover cure
B. Debilitating alcohol addiction
C. The opportunity to avoid sobriety, but what the hell do you care? You are unemployed because of option B.
D. A means of hydration, since your financial destitution prompted the city to shut off your water, a product of A, B, and C.
Thank God for the imbibal instinct or I never would have passed the MCAT.

After rolling over and seeing the she-beast I slept with last night, the imbibal instinct allowed me to enjoy the rest of my time in Vegas.

The resurgence of New Orleans as a travel destination is due in large part to the imbibal instinct.
by muscles glasses June 18, 2011
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