1. An American whose ethnicity is partly or fully Irish
2. A person with both Irish and American citizenship
3. Everybody come March 17th
1. I was born in Boston, but my folks come from Dublin, making me an Irish-American.
2. I was born in Limerick, but moved to New York when I was 17, and became a citizen of America, making me an Irish-American,
3. It's St. Patrick's Day, making me an Irish-American
by WreckingBar December 9, 2018
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A person that was born in America, but has ancestors from Ireland. They might actually have some fairly close family in Ireland. They are very proud of their heritage and have good reason to be.
He is Irish-American, his great- grandfater was born in Ireland.
by Ralphs June 9, 2005
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Someone hated by Americans for their Irish heritage, and hated by the Irish for their American birth/upbringing.
American: Where's your family from?
Irish-American: Ireland
American: Screw off you leprechaun SOB

Irish person: Where are you from?
Irish-American: America, but my family is from Ireland
Irish person: Feck off Yank
by Peter Parker Sucks August 11, 2015
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Much like African-American or Asian-American, Irish-Americans are Americans who are of Irish heritage.
Why doesn't Uncle Sam kiss Irish-Americans' asses like he does African-Americans? I mean, c'mon, Irish-Americans are so much sexier!
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A person born in America that is of Irish descent. Despite what others seem to think, an Irish-American person may have not been to Ireland, but this does not deny the existence of Irish in their blood. Millions of Irish immigrants fled to America even until the 1930's and settled thus creating families and spreading their blood lines. If ones' great grandparents or such came from Ireland, does that Irish blood not carry on to them even though they happened to born in America? Someone could easily have Irish parents and be born in Russia, or anywhere for that matter, but they are are still Irish no matter what country they happen enter the world into.
These are just a few great Irish-Americans. Ronald Reagan, James Cagney, Errol Flynn, Frank & Malachy McCourt, and many other greats.
by Rachel McVay March 26, 2007
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1)Americans whose distant ancestors came from Ireland. Many contries built by immigration use hyphens to denote cultural ties, such as Canada, US, England and Australia. Mainly American, they nonetheless retain the physical and cultural characteristics of Ireland (dark or red hair, pale and thin) and are identified as Irish by the general population and sometimes suffer discrimination due to these physical traits.

2)Americans whose parents are Irish

3)Americans born in the US but raised in Ireland, see Frank McCourt,writer; Aidan Quinn,actor ; Eamon DeValera, patriot and first president of Ireland

4)The people who raised cash and weapons so that the Irish war of Independence could be fought. Without Irish American support there would be no Republic of Ireland
Some Irish claim that Irish-Americans are not Irish at all, but they always lay claim the famous ones, such as Eugene O'Neill and Frank McCourt as their talents are so "Irish".
by NYC Ginger August 9, 2007
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